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Member of largest Irish body of Hairdressers
3000 hair salon businesses in Ireland with over 25,000 people employed in the industry. Membership currently 1,692.
Member of an organisation that is open to everyone in the hairdressing industry
Advice on Nera, employment law, wage rates
Networking with likeminded people who want change
Access to the latest in fashion, innovation, inspiration and international trends
Apprenticeship registration

What we did for
our members

Spearheaded the Apprenticeship proposal
Hairdressing is a serious sector for employment but we need an Apprenticeship to help us get more people into the industry. This in turn will help us to employ apprentices, hair stylists or managers in our businesses and the industry can grow.
Spearheaded a national survey on Training with excellent results
Negotiated with the Government re the 9% VAT remain campaign
Paid the OMC Worldwide Membership
Promoted Hairdressing at a Career Stand at the RDS

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